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LEXXXI LOCKHART and many many more!


part 2- she's from THE LEGION OF PLUME! Rocsi lowers her huge ass on top of your face and punishes your face with stinky farts over and over again POV style!

THE LEGION OF PLUME would be so proud! Rocsi places that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

part 2 THE LEGION OF PLUME is back! Watch Rocsi stick that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LONG FARTS all over your nose while teasing you the whole time! asking you "does it stink?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

THE LEGION OF PLUME strikes back! Once again! in this CUSTOM FANTASY Santana explains to YOU her roommate that she is very horny tonight and since her boyfriend is being an "asshole" she is going to have sex with YOU.. she sits and lets her LONG BUBBLY FARTS because she knows it will get you good and hard so you can fuck her GOOD! she tells you

"tonight is your lucky nite, i am horny and my boyfriend is being an asshole so you are fucking me tonight" then she farts and says,,, "you like that don't you, they smell just like my dump from early this morning" and as she pushes out the farts "fuck fuck... yess... yess. fuck fuck fuck.. feels so good pushing these out.. fuck fuck... yes.. yes yes" 

then at the end of the clip you have POV sex! as she tells you "im ready to fuck"

THE LEGION OF PLUME is back at it! Dakota wants you to BURY YOUR FACE into her big fart pillow of an ass because the fart smell will stay in the pants longer for you to enjoy all of these farts were LONG!

from THE LEGION OF PLUME Santana Redd has to drop a HUGE HUGE LOAD and her farts are so stinky because she has to drop a HUGE HUGE LOAD!  she tells you....

"phew! ..smell these farts.. they smell fucking crazy... i really gotta drop a fat load.. I gotta go so hurry up, but I am telling you they smell so bad!"

and as she pushes out the farts in your face she says

"fuck fuck... yess... yess. fuck fuck fuck.. feels so good pushing these out.. fuck fuck... yes.. yes yes" as she pushes out each fart.. as you are back there sniffing them

from THE LEGION OF PLUME Rocsi is surprised to hear that you like sniffing girls butts after they fart!  she thinks it is disgusting but she is willing to do it for you to make you happy!

from THE LEGION OF PLUME the QOF is at it again!  in this clip your STEP-MOM has once again locked you in the closet because you have been very bad! and you are TERRIFIED! she tells you "shhh don't be scared" and reminds you that you "must be punished" and she proceeds to rip jean farts in your face that were all in the 15 SECOND RANGE!

PART 2! she is from the LEGION OF PLUME!  watch Rocsi lay on her bed and let out LONG DEFLATING BALLOON sounding MORNING FARTS then right after that she takes her MORNING DUMP!


as a part of the LEGION OF PLUME Rocsi is one of the TOP FARTERS in the world! in this clip she is annoyed with you because she wants to take a nap but you keep sniffing her LONG DEEP FARTS!  she says

"I can feel you behind me, leave me alone.  I am just trying to take a nap.  why are you always behind me trying to sniff my butt after I fart? stop being so disgusting!"

but her farts are so DEEP AND BASSY in tight jeans you have to get in there and SNIFF each fart!

she is from the LEGION OF PLUME and Your step-mom thinks your attitude STINKS so your punishment must be STINKY as well!  she is so DISAPPOINTED in you and this is the only way she knows how to teach you a lesson.  by farting non stop in your face in red latex pants.. what kind of punishment is this?!?!

Your step-mom tells you it is ok to stroke your cock while sniffing her long EVE TABOO type blasts in your face.  your STEP-MOM loves when you bury your nose in her big butt after a HUGE fart!

PART 2!!  NEW GODDESS JENN! NEW GODDESS JENN!  In one of her BEST CLIPS EVER Goddess jean orders you to get behind her so she can blow fucking long TUBA FARTS down your nose and mouth! so long... so fucking BASSY these FART SOUNDS will make you so fucking horny!


"hurry hurry, I can't hold them anymore... fuck they stink today.. you are going to love them" "oh yes.. fuck yes.. fuck fuck fuck" "do you smell those fucking eggs?? unreal, my stomach is so tore up right now" "oh.. my... gawd.... yes.. yes yes.... feels so fucking good gettting that out"

you and your STEP MOM have a SECRET game that you play in the morning.. .you sneak into her room and she let's you sniff her HUGE STINKY MORNING FARTS!  PEAR SHAPED ROCSI TELLS YOU---

"I love it when you bury your face in my ass, I won't tell anybody, it is going to be our special secret. I love SITTING ON YOUR FACE AND FARTING ON IT, this is our special time together... I just want to wiggle my ass on your nose.. cuz I know you love it... I love this little game we play every morning"

"my big soft ass will be your stinky pillow tonight... bury your face in it.. put your nose right where the fart is coming out... sniff it... in hale it.... these pants are going to stink to bad.. I have been farting in them all day.. I know they stink" "oh yea.. fuck yea.. fuck fuck fuck" "smell my fart baby?? my farts smell just like rotten eggs tonight.." "oh.. my... gawd.... yes.. yes yes.... feels so fucking good getting that out"


"come on come on, get on your knees quick... fuck they are raunchy today.. you are going to love them" she starts farting..."oh yes.. fuck yes.. fuck fuck fuck" as she is pushing them out she talks... "do you smell that?? my farts smell like spoiled milk...unreal, my stomach is so tore up right now" and as she farts she talks with every push "oh.. my... gawd.... yes.. yes yes.... feels so fucking good gettting that out" "eat my ass while you are down there, stick your tongue in my asshole,,, yes that feels so fucking good"

NEW FROM GODDESS JENN!  Goddass Jenn is the one of the ONLY models that I know that can make BUBBLY TUBA FARTS IN TIGHT JEANS type of sounds WITHOUT having tight jeans on! because of her big round butt and her THICK MEATY CHEEKS only wearing a thin dress her farts STILL sound like she is wearing SKIN TIGHT DENIM!  this can also be seen on THE LEGION OF PLUME

in this POV fantasy you and Santana are enjoying each other while laying on the floor.  You are eating her pussy FROM THE BACK and also EATING HER ASSHOLE as she pushes out LOUD EXPLOSIVE farts into your mouth and nose!  she really loves the way it feels!  you are doing a great job .. she tells you...

"yes baby, right there... fuck it feels so good, eat my asshole baby (FART) oh yes.. not eat my pussy (FART) yes.. right there.. stay right there.. fuck this feels incredible!" see this also on THE LEGION OF PLUME

(WHAT DO THE FARTS SOUND LIKE?)  these farts are LOUD and EXPLOSIVE!  they have a really DEEP and LOW TONE to them.. this clip has some sexy sounding farts.. but most importantly... they are LOUD!

IN HER NEW PURPLE LATEX PANTS Fennixx is busying cleaning when you hear the most INSANE FARTS EVER from the other room!  BRUMMMMMMPPPPHH...  PERRRRRNNNNNTTTT... BUUUURRRRNNNNZZZZZZ!!!! She wants privacy because she is embarrassed.. you come in to smell her farts she tells you .. "man, what the fuck is wrong with you?? can't you see I am cleaning.. my ass sounds like GODZILLA right now!.. she wants you to GO but of course you STAY.. fuck them long BLUBBERY FARTS are driving you CRAZY!!!

Fennixx as PUT ON SOME WEIGHT doing this pandemic.. and BOY O BOY is her ass looking HUGE!  her ass is now in SELENA LOCA territory!  I told her to PLEASE keep eating!!!!

While blowing WET SLOPPY SOUNDING farts in your face FENNIXX wants to play a game with you.  She just took a HUGE DUMP and now she wants you to taste her ass and describe the taste!  She tells you all about the LOAD she just dropped... starts off in leggings then pulls her pants down to fart with bare ass.. talking dirty to you.... saying....

"OMG my ass hurts... I feel like I just gave birth to a bowling ball! those fucking LOGGS were so wide they really hurt coming out.. there was like 5 of them.. they were the size of cucumbers... like 5 big brown cucumbers! taste my ass baby.. you can still smell it on my cheeks.. it was such a stinky one... taste it baby.. taste it.. I love when you taste it.. kiss the inside of my cheeks.. I did not wipe so you can really get a good taste taste"

In this custom Debbie is responding to a personals ad. To show me what she's capable of, she turns her house in a kind of REALITY TV house for the next MONTH and let ME pay to watch and decide if she's the girl I'm looking for. In the end she will call me to ask if I am satisfied and wants to meet her for real.
Debbie wears black leather pants or a tight dress (no panties) when coming home from work
Debbie does some walking farts
Debbie does arm-pumping farts (the movement of her arm show the length of her farts)
Debbie does multi part farts (short, short and then a long one) at full power.
Debbie does unaware farts (just like the ring camera farts). I'd love her to walk outside several times to fart an extreme loud one. Or when she arrives home, gassy as hell.
Debbie does flour farts in the bedroom
Debbie teases the guy while bending over with no panties on
I love extremely powerful loud blasts! THIS IS THE FINAL CHAPTER!!

IN ALL HER FAVORITE PANTIES Fennixx is going to rip fart after fart after BASSY MOOSE CALL SOUNDING fart right in your face over and over again with NO LAG TIME!  no talking no teasing no pausing just fart fart fart fart fart!  so get on your knees and get ready to be BLOWN AWAY!

in her sexy outfit Fennixx is ripping the STINKIEST farts in your face over and over again and she warns you "don't fucking waste it" and they are SUPER BUBBLY as if she had jeans on.. you will love these sounds!

Santana needs you ON YOUR KNEES behind her right now!  She wants to fart in your face all night long! saying sexy things as you bury your face in there like....

"I am going to bury you in farts tonight.. that's it.. sniff it... you like the way that smells... I love when you smell them...sniff it really slow... enjoy it... breath it in.. inhale it... I know they stink today.. I had a lot of eggs this morning...wait, lower your nose.. lower your nose.. good right there.. that's it....sniff that fart... these pants are good because they hold in the smell"

Fennixx is in FART SLAVE mode today ripping long BUBBLE TASIC FARTS! then bringing her ass over to your face and ORDERING YOU to sniff it.. saying...  "YES THAT'S IT...INHALE THAT FUCKING FART! THAT IS THE ONLY AIR YOU WILL GET TODAY IS FART AIR! NOW FUCKING SNIFF IT! DON'T YOU DARE WASTE IT!