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LEXXXI LOCKHART and many many more!


SEXY MUFASA has a stomach issue.  every time she farts she has a bit of an "accident".  she was hoping that maybe you and your tongue could help clean her up!

"sniff it, sniff it slow"

"do you like the way that smells?"

"that was a strong one I can smell the broccoli up here"

"I am going to fart for you all night long I hope you like it"

Sexy dialogue while blowing stinky bubbly gas in your face.. these farts sounded so SEXY!

Nicole has so much gas she need to lift her leg and contort her body to get all them LONG farts out!  then at the end she wants you to jerk off into her mouth so she can swallow your cum, she LOVES swallowing cum!

Penelope's jeans are so EXTRA TIGHT that all the WATERY RUMBLY GURGALLY AIR is trapped and can barely escape her meaty butt cheeks!  the farts have a VERY DEEP BUBBLY sound because the air is GETTING TRAPPED!  but don't worry... after blowing all that STINKY GAS into your face she begs for your cum via an EXTRA HOT POV blowjob at the end of this fantastic clip!

Remember when girls wanted to please their men???  in this POV fantasy the QUEEN just wants to please you!  she will give you a sloppy POV blowjob and rip LONG MONSTER FARTS ON THE TOILET the whole time!!

THUNDEROUS FARTS coming out of some of the biggest roundest asses the internet has ever seen..  in cool looking unique looking tight pants...  UNSTOPPABLE FARTS!

if BIG PEAR SHAPED ASSES is your thing



there is nothing else left to be said.. this clip is a fucking MONSTER!

Nicole Blaze may have to see a Doctor after letting out some of these ABSOLUTE BOMBERS!  Sounding like she was about to blow out her whole O RING! these farts were so EXPLOSIVE she probably gave herself a herniated lower lumbar region!!  question is...  DID SHE BLOW OUT HER ASS HOLE????

Dakota wants you back there eating that ass as she farts and SHARTS all on your tongue.  she loves getting that big ol booty eaten and she loves farting in your face even more..  bon appetite!

Dakota LOVES farting in public!  she loves STINKING UP PLACES and she loves seeing peoples REACTIONS!  but this time.. she had a scary encounter with the POLICE!  did she go to "fart jail" watch and see!!

Dakota just bought a new pair of SPANDEX PANTS to fart in.. but they are EXTRA TIGHT...  her farts sound like a MOOING COW trying to escape from her meaty butt cheeks!

Sexy Dakota's farts are always a bit "sharty"..  these farts are so wet that is she pushes any hard her then she will blow a load onto the floor.. you can practically HEAR the shart as it is happening!

as you can see by the preview pic you are driving Mufasa crazy! IMAGINE her in sheer extacy as you lay behind her and eat and sniff her ass as she farts and SHARTS on your tongue.. look at her.. you are driving her wild!

THE QUEEN OF FARTS is laying on the bed farting away when you decided to come in behind her and eat/worship her round ass.. she is blowing MONSTERS in your face.. I mean most of these farts were 10 seconds long as she raises up her hips so you can get your tongue deep inside her asshole!


Wearing her black leather pants with a t-shirt, photos are being shot while in some sexy
positions. Only difference is that there?s no shyness left and Debbie?s farting at
full force, still excusing herself, but more teasingly and giggly. ?Oops!?, ?listen!?, ?what was
that?!?, ?that definitely were the onions!? THE FARTS ARE POWERFUL AND FORCEFUL!

Still wet from taking a quick shower, Debbie is completely naked and horny as hell while
shooting the last set of pictures. ‘I want you to pull my finger!’ Debbie tells the
photographer, reaching her finger towards him, before letting a thunderfart go.
‘I want to fart in your face!’ Debbie tells the photographer as she gets in another party
position. ‘You don’t believe I can fart with every step going upstairs?’ ‘Please follow me,
she laughs, just before she has the walking farts. ripping one POWERFUL fart with every step on the stairs!

The QUEEN OF FARTS told me she had an idea...  she said she wanted to rip a LONG DINOSAUR FART in every pair of TIGHT PANTS that she owns... I LOVED the idea... so..  here ya go!!!

Every day your STEP-MOTHER asks you to rub her back when she comes home from work.  She works hard at her day job and she really appreciates your massages when she gets home.  Today however was WEIRD.  While rubbing her back she ripped a LONG BASSY FART in your face.. and instead of saying excuse me she told me to "sniff it".  she says..  

"go on son sniff it.. yea I know you like sniffing Mommies farts, I have always known.. bury your nose in it.. I won't tell it will be our secret"

she keeps ripping fart after fart after DEEP BASSY fart and you keep sniffing them.. HOW DID SHE FIND OUT IT TURNS YOU ON?? you feel a little awkward but the smell is so INTENSE you can't help yourself you just keep on sniffing those farts!

here is a little trick for you fart lovers out there.  if a hot girl tells you she just farted say "I don't believe you, girls don't fart" and 9 out of 10 times they will say "ok well smell this"  and then they will stick their ass right in your face.  that way you can sniff a hot girls fart and not appear "weird" about it.  That is the custom fantasy that is played out in this video.  your HOT ROOMMATE is always farting in front of you... and you want to sniff them SO BAD.. so just tell her you don't believe her and she brings that ROUND ASS over to so you can definitely confirm that YES she did in fact rip a STINKY FART!

Just like the girls do on U TOOB I had our FART QUEEN try on all of her TIGHTEST JEANS and show the perfect fit on her HUGE ass.. and she was ripping LONG MOO'ING COW FARTS the whole fucking time!  with out a doubt this is one of the hottest jean fart vids ever!!!!


[Scene 4]
Debbie finishes cleaning up her family room.. farting like a CRAZY WOMAN the whole time...  next...Farting with every step she goes to the bedroom. Debbie takes off her overalls, lays down
on the bed and starts releasing LONG GODZILLA TYPE MONSTER FARTS while lifting her leg and contorting her body.. then she starts playing with herself, while farting up a storm of course. She even
gets her legs up by her head, so you are staring right at her pussy and big bumhole.
Right after she came, she checks if the boys are still sleeping, she is ripping HUGE HUGE ECHO farts in the hallway by her sons room.. she then opens their bedroom door
just a little, closes it and lets a final thundering fart go. “Oops” she giggles.

Two beautiful sisters burying there noses in each others asses and INHALING EACH OTHERS FARTS!  what in the fucking world is better than this??  I just wish I was there to join the FACE FART PARTY!!

if you would like your very own custom fantasy email us at info@cworldent.com

Santana is sick and tired of 2020 just like the rest of us!  So she lifts her leg and rips LONG DEEP RIPPERS in hopes of propelling herself OUTTA HERE to another time and place!  YES most of these farts were BASSY like a tuba.. please,  please..  TAKE ME WITH YOU SANTANA!!!!

These THICK COTTON SHORTS are her favorite because the smell of her STINKY FARTS will LINGER in that fabric for HOURS and BE CAREFUL she warns you.. they are really BAD today.. she has never had FARTS THIS BAD so she is giving you FAIR WARNING before you BURY YOU NOSE IN THOSE CHEEKS!  She said they REEK of ROTTEN EGGS get ready to get fucking BLASTED!


Debbie had dinner with friends last night and she COULD NOT believe how much gas she had the next morning! She needed to let out the farts she had been holding in all night!  As soon as she walked in the kitchen to clean up after her dinner party... BOOM the farts are so LOUD and POWERFUL she quickly just kept laughing because she could not believe the LOUD ECHO SOUNDS the farts made... then once again BOOOOOM these are the most GIGANTIC FARTS SHE HAS EVER HAD! she lets all that gas out then takes a break.. holding her stomach.. then she continues to clear the table and gets ready to do the dishes.. farting still the whole way!

SCENE TWO.. the same thing.. she is doing the dishes and BOOOOOM that DEMON GAS hits her again.. these farts are even MORE INSANELY HUGE than before and they are SO LOUD .. so loud that she had to laugh at the EXTREME SOUNDS coming outta her ass!  She took off her jeans to help her get even more of that POWERFUL gas out.. and she kept lifting her leg.. PARP... lift.... PARP... lift.... PARP... lift.  SO MUCH GAS IN THIS VIDEO SHE FARTED WITH JUST ABOUT EVERY MOVE SHE MADE!!!!

if you would like your own custom email us at info@cworldent.com

Once again You have placed cameras all over your apartment and your Roommate DOES NOT know she is being filmed while you are at work.  She never farts around you.. but she is so hot you have been wanting to see her fart so bad!  so you placed cameras all around the place and was able to capture her FARTING LIKE CRAZY while doing chores around the house!

Santana Redd is in FART SLAVE mode today... her farts REEK of SULPHUR and EGGS and she wants to PUNISH YOUR NOSE!  You have been such an asshole to her lately so not it is time for you to press your nose against HER asshole and take your SMELLY PUNISHMENT like a man.  the first thing she says...

"you're gonna sniff these farts till you fucking drop"

get ready.. you are in for a long afternoon!

Both MUFASA and DAKOTA are complaining about each others farts and how AWFUL they smell.. and both of them are getting their noses DEEP INTO EACH OTHERS ASSHOLES so yea.. they are smelling EVERYTHING!

Debbie has CRAZY BAD GAS!  you offered to lay behind her and rub her back for her but she has WARNED YOU.. "you should not be back there right now, I stink today" she says to you.. and her farts are LONG... a few of them close to 20 SECONDS and they are RUMBLY...  you lay behind her anyways, kissing and sniffing her round ass as she FARTS and moves her ass around in a CIRCLE for you..... despite her warning.. and you are very LUCKY that you did.. because she MELTED YOUR FACE!

Instead of her EXTRA LONG farts she is letting these WATERY PARPS out one burst of STINKY AIR at a time... and she said these farts smelled BAD... just like REALLY ROTTEN EGGS! and after every fart she says..

"take that" PARP "take that" PARP "take that" PARP "take that one too" BRAPPSTT!

seems like a thousand fucking farts melting your nose one burst of SMELLY AIR at a time!

my goodness she is FUCKING PERFECT! not sure if it was the bath water or not but these farts were WET good thing she was in the tub to clean that ass after all that EXPLOSIVE FARTING.. and her ass looks FUCKING INCREDIBLE!  sheesh.. so is so fucking BEAUTIFUL!

It has hard for your new girlfriend to believe that you need farts to get you hard..  she is EMBARRASSED but she is willing to fart for you because she wants to get FUCKED IN THE ASS... HARD!  So she lays there ripping WET, MESSY EXPLOSIVE farts for you so you can get turned on and fuck her in the ass like she really wants!  these farts were JUICY definitely sounded a bit SHARTY but in the end you got really turned on and FUCKED HER IN HER SHARTY ASS just like she wanted you too!

You have pissed off your girlfriend SANTANA REDD for the last time.. she is fed up!  She is tired of you complaining about her farts all the time so now she is going to SMOTHER YOU IN FARTS till you are no longer breathing... she starts the video by saying "this is your last day on earth MOTHER FUCKER"

I love new model EMILY DREAM!  She has a nice THICC CURVY BODY.. with KILLA CURVES in all the right places.  Watch her lay down and pretend to fart in your face.. NAKED.  Don't you wish you were there??

I hired my friends daughter Emily to babysit for me and I caught some very weird things on my Nanny cam.  While my son was asleep she kept farting in his room!  First she farted in jeans then she took them down to show her bareass and farted some more!  good thing I was FILMING HER and she did not know it!!  She is very strange.. not sure if I will hire her again.


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We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
Email us if you are interested! Follow
us on Twitter @CWorldent

Nicole is FARTING LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN as she sucks your ROOMMATES DICK!  she is giving your homie one HELL OF A BLOW JOB and ripping SUPER MONSTER FARTS in your face so you can smell them and stay hard.. because ...  YOU ARE NEXT!  as soon as she is done blowing your friend she is going to SUCK YOUR COCK.. so sniff this HUMONGOUS FARTS and stay ready.. and she will suck your cock at the end!