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FEBRUARY 13th 2020

These farts sounded like a HUGE HOT AIR BALLON deflating.. with a shart at the end!  These farts are sexy too as long as the HOT GASSY AIR is loud enough and in this clip it is LOUD!  and most importantly we all know that these types of farts are stinky!  and Lexxxi mentions often how they are "lingering"...  sniff up!

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FEBRUARY 5th 2020

Lexxxi ate some BAD SOUR KRAUT and she has a bad stomach ache with tons of gas.  She has been farting all day and most likely going to fart all night... and they STINK.  so they might as well be in your face since you enjoy it...  why waste them.  you heard her..  ON YOUR KNEES!

JANUARY 30th 2020

LONG BUBBLY BRITTANY MOORE TYPE THUNDER as only Lexxxi Lockhart can bring you.  This is a simple clip.  She is teasing you telling you to "smell", showing off that HUGE ASS in jeans and ripping LONG BUBBLY CHEEK FLAPPING farts!!

JANUARY 23rd 2020

Lexxxi's ass sounded like THE MATING CALL OF A MOOSE and according to her the farts REALLY STUNK.  She can barely get thru the clip because she is FILLING UP THE ROOM with stinky gas.. and you will LOVE these low-toned deep bassy fart sounds!


Lexxxi is just relaxing on the bed letting
 out long gusty stinkers.. the kind I love!
 Long and sounding like a low toned trombone!
  and according to her they really STUNK
 and LINGERED for a while.  wish I was there.


There is just something about Goddess Jenn.  shes got that "thing".. that "thing" that drives you crazy.  for me..  MandaBareSmash had it..  I had to buy every clip on her whole fucking store..  the original "ally fetishes" had it.. I had to buy every clip on her fucking store. and now it is Goddess Jenn.  her clips make me MELT her voice makes MELT.. and farts. are so fucking DEEP and bassy.. so low and "hummy"  the sounds drive me insane... the shape of her ass... the facts that she eats REAL food..  like burgers, and fries... and tacos.. and stuff the most girls will not eat anymore..  I don't know what it is but this girl drives me  NUTS.. and this clip will drive you nuts... her teasing you and telling you to get in there and sniff... yes GODDESS JENN has done it again!


Here are some more farts from after Jenns work X-mas party!  These bad boys are LONG and DEEP!  Watch Jenn TWERK that big ass to get out all that pent up gas!  She is in such a good mood and being so playful.. probably because she had so many drinks at the party.

DECEMBER 27th 2019

Goddess Jenn has just returned from her work Christmas party and she is FULL OF GAS!  she says she does not know what they "put in that food" but her stomach has been blowing up with farts all nite and she has been holding them in for HOURS so she can come home and let them all out.... into your FACE!

DECEMBER 19th 2019

Lexxxi Lockharts farts have been very WET and SHARTY lately.  Once again she farts a BUBBLY MESS into her jeans and has to change clothes when the video is over!

DECEMBER 12th 2019

Lexxxi Lockhart has had a long day at work... a long day of standing on her feet in a very stress filled environment, now that she is home she just wants to relax.. FINALLY she can just lay on her bed and FART because her belly has been bloated ALL DAY with pent up gas... and YOU get to lay behind her!

DECEMBER 6th 2019

Lexxxi's diet is mostly vegetables these days which means a LOT of gas!  Today she had fire roasted red and green peppers and it gave her SUPER gas!  I wish I could sniff that big green ass of hers!

NOVEMBER 30th 2019

LEXXXI LOCKHART RETURNS!  Yes one of the GREATEST FART MODELS TO EVER LIVE has come back with a VENGENCE!  XMAS has come early for all of us!  One of the greatest asses emitting some of the greatest gasses is back to stake her claim atop the world of farting girls..  Lexxxi LockHart is back!!!

NOVEMBER 20th 2019

FUCCK!  Nicole is so fucking hot it is INSANE.  She is EVERY MANS FANTASY..  so girly.. so feminine but she can be the dirtiest most naughty thing if you want her to be.  watch her rip LONG BUBBLERS as she dances the night away and it is so sexy when she FARTS TO THE BEAT!  I would fucking MARRY THIS GIRL!!  so pretty curvy and beautiful..  a fun girl.. she will make your HEART MELT.

NOVEMBER 14th 2019

THIS FARTS ARE INCREDIBLE and as you can see from the preview pic that ass if fucking PERFECT! no more can be said about this clip other than it is a MUST BUY!

NOVEMBER 6th 2019

PARPARELLA is from BrapaDelica's fart fetish army.  She is Braps Chief operative!  She is only her to TORTURE YOU with raunchy gas.  She TIES YOU UP... puts TAPE ON YOUR MOUTH and the only air you get to breath is the LONG EGGY FARTS she blows in your face one after the other..  in between farts she bends down to see if you are still breath.. then she continues her assault!

OCTOBER 29th 2019

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH IS COMING OUT!  her "plopping" sounds are amazing!  she really dropped a MONSTER LOAD and even better.. she gets right up from the toilet and wants you to taste the inside of her dirty ass when she is done!  I love these videos.. and sales say YOU DO TOO!

OCTOBER 20th 2019

Nicole is having a lazy day.. she just wants to lay on the bed and FART HER FUCKING INTESTINES OUT these farts are legendary!  its simple clip but it will show you why she is the QUEEN OF FARTS!


She is the QUEEN OF FARTS and her farts move MOUNTAINS
As you can see from the PREVIEW PIC Debbies farts are SO POWERFUL she is moving her HEAVY DENIM DRESS with each powerful fart.. NOW she wants you to get behind her and SNIFF THE DENIM because the smell of her EGGY FARTS stays in there for a long time!


this is the MOTHERLOAD of Selena Loca
fart clips!  she put on those psychedelic
leggings and ripped ONCE IN A LIFETIME
type farts for us.. dammit Selena. fart
your FUCKING SOUL OUT for the camera!


OVERLORD FART VADER is back again and ready to destroy the galaxy and YOUR FACE with RUMBLY ASTROIDS!  She is telling the story of FART PERVERTS and how her ass is here to destroy all of them!


(PART 2)
Once again Selena is in concert playing her BASS
in black SPANDEX SHORTS!  these farts were
 so low toned and bubbly!  You will not
of course she is being a brat and wanting
 you to BEG for this vicious farts!


Sexy Selena's ass is getting so big she had to buy some NEW jeans and you KNOW she had to "break them in".  OMG she ANNIHILATED these jeans with the most BRAPPTASTIC bubbly farts I have heard from her!


are trapped in Goddess Jenns jeans and
they are struggling to get out!  With every
deep fart you can hear it HELLLLLLLP!


Maybe it was because Goddess Jenn was laying on her side but these are the DEEPEST MOST BRAPPITY RUMBLING FARTS that I have heard in a while.  Sounded like an ANGRY PREHISTORIC MONSTER was stuck inside her ass SCREAMING to get out! and she is not being nice about these farts.. in fact she wants you to BEG for these farts in your face.. she tells you.. "YOU ARE NOT WORTHY TO HAVE THIS PERFECT ASS IN YOUR FACE"... and guys...  I kinda agree.

AUGUST 30th 2019

OMG these pants.. look at that ass!  what
would you pay to BURY YOUR FACE IN THAT?!
and these farts are so LONG AND BUBBLY the
sound alone will make you so horny.  THIS IS HOT!

AUGUST 25th 2019

 going on inside Goddess Jens Jeans... call the SECRET

AUGUST 18th 2019

the LONGEST, DEEPEST BASSIEST MOST RUMBLY JEAN FARTS I have ever heard!  there are no other words to describe this clip.  she shows here why she is one of the GREATEST FARTERS of all time!

AUGUST 10th 2019

Goddess Jenn Put on the tightest jeans she could find and started ripping the most RUMBLY, BUBBLY farts ever!  I mean Brittany Moore type bubbly..  Selena Loca type bubbly...  and she WANTS you to smell them.  but there is a catch.. you have to BEG her for them.  Yes.. she is being a brat.. and making you BEG and PLEAD for each fart... so get ready to be on your knees a LOT because there are a TON of farts to sniff!


I LOVE THIS WOMAN.  If you know me you know
this is my personal ALL TIME favorite model
and she is back and SOME HOW better than ever!
She has sent me a collection of farts that are
better than she has EVER done for me in the last
5 or 6 years I have been working with her.  I call
her the ACE of BASE and these are the deepest
most rumbly tuba farts I have ever heard!

JULY 25th 2019

The way Selena Loca pushed out these LONG, MOOO'ING FARTS one after the other you would swear there must have been a PISSED OFF COW in her bed! and you will LOVE HER FACIAL EXPRESSIONS as she pushes out PARP after PARP after LONG MOOOING PARP!  in her own words....  "Morning Farts are the Worst!"

JULY 17th 2019

THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT!  the fucking FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ALONE will drive you wild!  Watching her push LONG, BLUBBERY WALRUS FARTS in tight jeans with those sexy FACIAL EXPRESSIONS and then seeing her bring that HUGE ASS over to you so you can sniff it it.. this clip is UNREAL!  She describes the smell as SPOILED MILK and OLD CHEESE... and the fart sounds!  just WOW!  Her ass is like an ACTIVE VOLCANO and she wants to turn your face to VOLCANIC ASH!!

JULY 10th 2019

LONG, RUMBLY JEAN FARTS blown in your face over and over again at POINT BLANK RANGE.  I don't know what Selena ate to give her SO MUCH GAS but it sounded like GODZILLA was screaming outta her ass!  She shows you the BLOATED BELLY and proceeds to rip fart after MONSTER fart right on your nose!
JULY 3RD 2019

THESE ARE ONCE IN A LIFETIME FARTS!  I don't know what Selena Loca ate but she has CRAZY BAD GAS!  She is laying on the bed... with her ass in the air... and it seems like she is FARTING HER FUCKING SOUL OUT!  You do NOT WANT TO MISS these GARGANTUAN FART SOUNDS!

JUNE 24TH 2019

The way these farts sounded you would think
Selena Loca was wearing SKIN TIGHT DENIM.
So DEEP and BASSY these are JEAN FARTS
coming from a NAKED ROUND ASS and they