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APRIL 19TH 2019

I think you can safely call SARINA LOCA the Latina Version of Brittany Moore!  We refer a lot to BM because she was really one of our first BUBBLEY AND RUMBLEY farters.  Her and the original Jackie the Ripper were two of our first models to rip BUBBLERS and Sarina Loca definitely has that sound to her rippers.  Enjoy this sexy clip of her ripping BM type farts in jeans!

APRIL 12TH 2019

I love when farts sound like they are saying actual words.  I think Sarina's butt told me "I luuv youu" and "hey buddy"  there is definitely something that butt is trying to tell me!  These were some RIPPERS and you will love decoding her gassy messages!

APRIL 4TH 2019

Queen Diar is a very busy lady.. often times she gets up early and has to wait until she gets home in the middle of the day to drop her DAILY DUECE!  And by then she is READY TO BLOW! In these 3 scenes you can tell she got to the toilet JUST IN TIME and you can tell by the AMOUNT in that bowl.. she REALLY HAD TO GO!  Filling the toilet 3 times over full of BROWNIE BATTER!


She is the QUEEN OF DIARRHEA but occasionally this girl can drop some BIG HEAVY traditional loads!  In this clip she drops several loads that are just HUGE and WILL NOT FLUSH properly.  She has to flush 2 or 3 times just to get it down!  and she drops a MONSTER in a trash can for good measure!  Some candid farts too!


She is the Queen of the Runs but this girl can totally fill up the toilet with brownies on occasion as well!  3 hot scenes plus some nice candid farts cuz yea.. she is a hell of a farter too!  Check out her Brownie Batter!


Every now and then you get some SOFT SERVE but on most days DIARRHEA!  and a LOT OF IT!  She is definitely a toilet filler and this is her weekly diary of BASSY CANDID FARTS and LOTS OF GUATA LA BABA!


The sexiest thing about Queen Diar's clips is that you can literally HEAR the toilet FILLING UP with THICK CHUNKY diarrhea as it is shooting outta her ass!  3 great scenes and of course some sexy sounding BED TIME farts!  this girl is a hell of a farter... DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!


Queen Diar has some of the most EXPLOSIVE toilet visits I have ever seen and often times you will be BLOWN AWAY and CONFUSED with what she leaves in the bowl.  A big toilet full of who knows what!  leaving you asking What Da Fuk was that?  What did she eat?!  Three CONFUSING scenes!!


It does not matter if it is a BROWN WATER FOUNTAIN or THICK JELLO CHOCOLATE PUDDING coming out Queen Diar has an ASS CANNON!  If you are a lover of EXPLOSIVE TOILET ACTION the she will be on your MOUNT RUSHMORE of toilet models!   Some nice BASSY candid farts in this clip as well!

IF YOU LOVE DIARRHEA THEN YOU MUST LOVE THIS MODEL!  I have NEVER seen a chick so FULL of DIARRHEA!  Along with some nice farting there are 2 toilet scenes, in both she has the RUNZ and in one she FILLS UP A TRASH CAN WITH DIARRHEA!  I mean it is CRAZY!  You can literally here the can FILLING UP with EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!  See Miss QUEEN DIAR!  you have NEVER seen a model like this!!!

I have NEVER seen DIARRHEA shoot out a womens ass like it does for QUEEN DIAR!  She is for sure the QUEEN OF THE RUNZZ!  Come see C World's ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!  MUST SEE for RUN lovers!

Watch NEW MODEL Queen Diar totally FILL UP THE TOILET with dark, chunky diarrhea until the pretty white toilet bowl completely fills the toilet bowl and slowly turns it BLACK!  3 hot toilet scenes and some candid farts as well!  Don't sleep on the farts either, she's the QUEEN OF DIARRHEA but this girl can FART!

NEW MODEL ALERT NEW MODEL ALERT!  Meet Queen Diar a sexy curvy milf that was LOVE AT FIRST SITE FOR ME!  She is a very nasty girl and this girl can FART!  YOU WILL LOVE HER FART SOUNDS!  DEEP TUBA type sounds and most importantly I can tell you right now she is the QUEEN OF DIARRHEA!  Yes it is true this model is SPECIAL and I don't want to waste a lot of time talking.. but trust.. IT IS A MUST SEE!!  watch this hottie FILL UP THE TOILET with THICK CHUNKY DIARRHEA!!

Sarina Loca tells me her BIGGEST and LONGEST farts
are right before she has to take a DUMP!  She also says
the smell the WORSE because she smell like a "BIG OL DUMP!"
Her words.. not mine.  So she made a nice compilation for me
of farts that she has right before she DROPS A LOAD!  these
are BRITTNEY MOORE TYPE FARTS... for sure!  And they
will indeed make you COO 4 POO POO if you like PRE POO farts!!

BARBIE IS BACK BABY! and whenever she "drops a duece" you can pretty well count on a LOADED COMMODE!  This girl really knows how to fill up a toilet!  She is a sexy farter too!  Welcome back my RED BONE BABY Barbie De La Cruz!

OH.. MY GOODNESS!!!!  These fuckin farts!  These are the farts of a lifetime!  I could not decide if they sounded like a MOOing cow or a howling CHEWBACCA!  Just the type of farts I like.. in tight jeans... LONG, DEEP and BUBBLY!  Muliti-toned as well....This girl will ALWAYS be at the top of my list.. just because of her farts!  That is what this is all about right?!  FARTS and having a fetish for hot girls ripping them!  and boy o boy are these some INCREDIBLE sounding farts!

HOLY MOLY LOOK AT THAT THING!  The BIGGEST .. BADDEST ... BASSIEST ass is back and better than ever!  Kandace Kane has returned and it sounds like a MOOOO'ING COW is stuck in her jeans!  These farts were LONG and the deep tones will drive you wild! MOOOOOOOOOOOO hearing these sounds will make you think you are at the zoo!  and she is ripping all of them in YOUR FACE!  watch out there now!!!


Felicity Smyth can fart HUGE for such a petite girl.  Sometimes they are so loud her neighbors can hear them!  She gets so embarrassed she wears a mask when she is gassy... that is how BRAP GIRL was born!  Well she is extra gassy in this 2 week long compilation with lots of DUCK sounding farts!  Quack Quack!


Venus has the worst gas ever!  She ate some bad seafood and her farts are RANK!  They are so bad that she had to take her ass "outside" because it was stinking up the whole house!  Family and friends were complaining about her rotten LINGERING farts so she told them.. "catch me outside, how bout dah?!"


Did you know that?  Well she didn't either and she drank a large Vanilla Milkshake and she is paying the price for it because she is having THE WORST SMELLING FARTS EVER!  Even a super heroine like Venus has their "kryptonite" and apparently she is LACTOSE INTOLERANT!  These rips were POWERFUL and according to her VERY VERY SMELLY!  I wish I could have been there to give my opinion!


Kandy Kane has been saving these farts for you all day!  She has accepted the fact that you have a fart fetish and she is ready to indulge you in it!  But be careful her farts are EXTRA POWERFUL today!  They are all very long and very deep.. like a TUBA.. but come out with so much force.. like an angry beast!  Her ass looks so good in the tight jeans and she is being a little bratty but overall very nice ... but that ANGRY WALRUS in your face.. that thing is not so nice.. plus it SMELLS VERY BAD.. like "rotten eggs" according to her.  So sit there like a good fart slave and take your punishment.. I hope you don't pass out!

AUGUST 17TH 2018

You left your laptop open and Kandice Kane found all of your fart fetish bookmarks.  GGG Gassy Erotica Forum she saw EVERYTHING!  So she confronts you about it.  She wonders why you bring her so many Tacos and beans.  She wonders why you always seem to be close by when she lets one rip.  Good news is.. now that she knows what you like she is going to give you the FART FETISH FANTASY you have always been dreaming of!  These 7 SECOND HONKERS are going to drive you wild!  these long deep fart sounds are so sexy and she is really catering to your fart fetish in every way that she can!

JULY 20TH 2018

VENUS' WHOLE INSIDES ARE EXPLODING INTO THE TOILET BOWL!  Remember 'SPLACK A DOCIOUS" from Spanish Queen.. or if you have not seen that one just think of the most EXPLOSIVE toilet video you have ever seen!  Well I bet it cannot compare to this one!  On top of that TONS of LOUD candid farts in jeans and booty shorts. if you love HUGE FARTS and BOOMBASTIC toilet action issa MUST SEE!
JULY 20TH 2018

Sexy Venus really put her fart skills on display in this clip.  There is not talking.. it is a simple candid clip but MAN.. these farts are LOUD!  and very POWERFUL!  Jeans, panties, leggings in laying and sitting positions.  All of her farts taken over the period of one week and a half.  A fantastic show of fart talent.  Long, Deep, high pitched.. multi-toned.. You will hear a bit of everything in this FABULOUS FART SHOW!

JULY 7TH 2018

  Venus is such a good farter!  Farts are always sexy in the sitting position and you will love the way these farts RATA TAT TAT and bounce off the seat cushions of this sofa!  Her farts are POWERFUL.. the kind that sound like they hurt coming out... and there are TONS of them in this one...  no talking.. more of a candid "ignore" style video.  With lots of DEEP farts muffled into those seat cushions!

JUNE 21st 2018

  Your roommate Kandy Kane is one CRAZY BITCH!  She has been on your case about you not paying your part of the rent but she gives you some WEIRD alternative... SOMEHOW she has a fetish for farting in guys faces and she JUST told you that if you will allow her to FART IN YOUR FACE then she will cover your part of the rent!  Can you believe this?!  All you have to do is letter her rip LONG BUBBLERS in your face and you DO NOT have to pay rent!  NOW... she has no idea that you SECRETLY are turned on by girls farting.. just keep that part to yourself...lol  In this POV FANTASY she is farting HUGE ONES... CONSTANTLY and she thinks she is grossing you out but your are secretly LOVING IT!  She starts off in the office then migrates to where you are taking a nap and gives you a good old DUTCH OVEN!  By her own report these farts smelled BADLY of ROTTEN EGGS.. and boy o boy were they LONG AF!!  the way these farts RATTA TAT TAT off the plastic chair and the LONG MOOSE FARTS under the covers... YOU WILL NOT LAST THE FIRST 5 MIN. OF WATCHING THIS VIDEO!!!      

JUNE 7TH 2018

THESE ARE HER BEST FARTS YET!  I nice compilation with TONS of farts with little lag time!  Different scenarios different poses.. different outfits but one thing remains consistent.. these are her BIGGEST, LONGEST farts that she has ever turned in!  A lot of these farts sounded like they HURT coming outta her asshole!  If you love LOUD FARTS this is the clip for you!!

MAY 23RD 2018

1.  You are spying on her while she hangs out in her room and farts in her bed.


2.  You go over to her house to help her with her school paper...  you are trying to help her

do her homework but she WON'T STOP FARTING!  She keeps letting them slip then you tell her

it is "alright" and it does not bother you then she REALLY starts letting them rip!


3.  You fall asleep on her bed and she things it would be funny to keep FARTING IN YOUR FACE UNDER THE COVERS until you wake up.. she wants to go eat so she is farting away.. IN YOUR FACE to wake you!

lastly.. she has figured out that you "must" like her farts so she is sitting in a chair teasing you with them!

THIS IS A POV FANTASY with KANDY KANE as your freeky female BEST FRIEND!!!

APRIL 9TH 2018

If you like quacking duck farts or "poot" sounding rippers then this is the clip for you!  It's Venus to the rescue for all your fart fetish fantasies!  She is Michelle by day and morphs into Venus at night but all day long she will fart for you!  Her sexy POOT sounding farts are my favorite type of fart sound.. you just KNOW they stunk by the way the sound and this MOVIE is loaded with them!  Enjoy Michelle/Venus our very own fart fetish super herioine!

APRIL 23RD 2018

This is the ULTIMATE SHART VIDEO!  These farts were so LONG, BUBBLEY AND WATERY that I knew sooner or later she would BEWP in her CUTE PANTIES!  Her ass look so good.. she is SUCH A HOT MILF!  the ass the big BALLOON BOOBIES!  the SPLATTERY BRAPTASTIC FARTS coming outta her ass!  It will drive you insane.. and the best fart.. the HUGE SHART in her panties and she shows it to you!

APRIL 8TH 2018

This is like GIRL FART 101!  Kandace does ALL your favorites.. Dancing and farting, BUBBLEY FARTS bouncing off of a leather chair, farts in panties and jeans.. you name it!  She looks so hot in her cute pink hair and these farts are AMAZING but I think you know that!  MUST SEE MUST SEE MUST SEE!

MARCH 25TH 2018

No matter what Goddess Jenn is going to give you BASS!  Panties, spandex nude... it does not matter.. with those MEATY BUTT CHEEKS you are always going to get those DEEP LOW TONES!  In this FULL LENGTH compilation you are going to get a lot farts with very little time in between.   Lots of sexy poses and she is being quite the BRAT!  More CLASSIC GJRP for her fantastic fart fans!

MARCH 10TH 2018

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!  I never thought the day would come where I can actually say that anyone would be as good as SELENA LOCA!  Well her cousin Mari-Anna Loca has really reached that NEXT LEVEL!  Its almost like a competition thing where she is looking at her own COUSIN and saying WHAT'S UP?  These girls are very competitive and I always tell them that Selena is the Queen B.. so Mari-Anna took the CHALLENGE and she has vowed that she will be BETTER THAN HER OWN COUSIN at fart fetish videos!  The farts.. the ass.. the beautiful face.. and did I mention the LONG, DEEP, GULPY FARTS?!?!  Watch this FULL LENGTH MOVIE and you tell me.. is she ready to take the crown from SELENA?   What up Cuzzo?!?!


BABY SELENA don't just have the face and the ass of her cousin SELENA LOCA Mari-Anna Loca also has the MONSTER FARTS!  These farts are so sexy in this full length FART MOVIE!  Lots of SEXY FART SOUNDS!  Long, gusty, muli-toned HUMMERS that will surely get you HARD immediately!  SO MANY FARTS packed into this MOVIE that this clip alone will LAST YOU A MONTH!


MariAnna Loca IMO has entered the TOP TEN GREATEST fart girls with this clip!  She is everything you love about SELENA LOCA but with her very own unique style!  BEAUTIFUL face like Selena HUGE ASS like Selena and HUGE, BUBBLEY FARTS like Selena!  Personality is not so "bratty" she is more GFE!  Farting just for you, just to make your fart fetish dreams come true!  Add her along with Ambrosia, Debbie Disturrbed, Petoose, LMT and all the other TOP TEN MODELS OF ALL TIME!


MariAnna Loca reminds me so much of her cousin SELENA LOCA but at the same time she has her OWN STYLE!  I LOVE the way her farts sound and you will too!  It is a very RARE fart sound that we do not get to hear very often.. The kind of farts that are coming from DEEP in her intestines!  I can't totally remember who used to fart like this but you will LOVE these fart sounds.. I think ALIEN GIRL used to have these sounds if I am not mistaken and kinda like LMT'S fart sound.  YOU WILL BE IN LOVE, trust me!  She has got the ASS and FACE of the 2018 girls but the style and FART SOUNDS from the early fart days!  Watch out SELENA cousin MariAnna is coming for your crown!


Sexy MARIANNA LOCA had a BIG omelette with lots of GREEN PEPPERS and CHORIZO' and she got BAD GAS from it!  She wants you to get behind her and sniff her EGGY FART like a good dirty boy should.. yes.. she calls you DIRTY for wanting to smell her farts.. but she thinks its cute and sexy.. these farts are HUGE and WET!  She definitely got some BRITTANY MOORE sounds happening in this clip!

Just like Rocky and Apollo MariAnna had the MASTER, her cousin Selena, teach her first hand the art of the fart!  Watch MARIANNA LOCA fart LONG DEEP AND BUBBLEY, just like her big cousin with SELENA LOCA right by her side!  Coaching her and describing HOW BAD THESE FARTS SMELL in another LOCA FAMILY FREAKY fart feature film!  THESE MARIANNA FARTS SOUND JUST LIKE SELENA FARTS and of course Selena was not going to let her cousin have all the fun!  Selena took her
back to the essense of GIRL FART 101 just like Apollo did to Rocky!

(Barbie DLC Tabitha Gass Natalia Amorr and all the other great
models on this site will still be putting out new content so stay tuned!)


Fresh and new on the scene MariAnna Loca delivers a KNOCK OUT!  Just getting started JEAN FARTS and farts in TIGHT LEGGINGS are always a good choice!  So she decided to stick that HUGE ASS in your face and fart OVER and OVER again!  Sexy, soft spoken and "fetishy" is how I would describe her style.  MariAnna has her own style different from the other LOCA girls! and you are gonna LOVE HER!  Deep, low and bassy you are also going to LOVE her farts sounds!

(Barbie DLC Tabitha Gass Natalia Amorr and all the other great
models on this site will still be putting out new content so stay tuned!)


This is SELENA LOCA'S cousin and she is THE BOMB!  Yes there are a LOT of hot girls in her family and I could not wait to introduce her to the world of fart girls!  IMMEDIATELY I realized she had to have her own site so she is the NEW FACE of TheLEGIONofPlume  Very beautiful girl and built just like her COUSIN SELENA!  Everything you love ABOUT SELENA LOCA but yet she has her own style as well!  So why not have her first video be a JEAN FART video!  OMG  you have got to see this NEW MODEL!   HUGE ASS and HUGE BUBBLEY FARTS IN JEANS!

(Barbie DLC Tabitha Gass Natalia Amorr and all the other great
models on this site will still be putting out new content so stay tuned!)

the Holiday season is almost over and for Barbie it is ALL coming out at once!  she can't get people out of her house quick enough because the farts are flowing and she is due for a BIG BEWP!  This is a nice candid fart toilet clip combo showing all of her farts over the Holiday weekend and the big BLOW OUT that ensued in the toilet!


This is ALL HER FARTS OVER 3 DAYS!  A nice little compilation from our newest C World Super Model!  Deep ones... squeaky ones, low ones.. high pitched ones.. just about every type of fart you can think of with little lag time!  

(Tabitha Gass is still 'down with the king' there will be
many more updates of her so stay tuned)

PRETTY LIGHT SKIN, HUGE ASS, HUGE FARTS yes your fart dreams have come true with new model Barbie De La Cruz!  Pretty face and NASTY mind.. this girl is a FREEK!  You will love the way she talks, her sexy voice in fact you will love EVERYTHING about this model you'll love!   We are very proud to bring to you Barbie De La Cruz'!

(Tabitha Gass is still 'down with the king' there will be
many more updates of her so stay tuned)

Popcorn tins.. gingerbread houses..turkey sandwiches and all that jazz.. Lots of HOLIDAY food makes for a LOT of gas!  Tabz has been eating a lot lately going to holiday parties and what not and has put together an nice little compilation of her best farts over the last two weeks!  Lots of EXPLOSIVE rips with little or no lag time!

NOVEMBER 24th 2017
This is TRUE fart porn!  Tabitha's man is fucking the out of her.... LITERALLY!  With every stroke she is blowing LONG MOANING farts that were "very smelly" according to her.  That left over Thanksgiving food has her BLOWING A GASKET over his dick!

NOVEMBER 16th 2017

I LOVE THESE TWO!  Please welcome to the C World Family Max and Irma!  This is a REAL couple that have decided to share their private moments with all of us!  Like many of us Max is a FART FANATIC!  Irma is is beautiful girlfriend and she LOVES to fart for him!  She is SO ADORABLE!  She reminds me a lot of PATOOSE!  Watch her rip POWERFUL DEEP FARTS right up his nose over and over again!  This is HOT HOT!

NOVEMBER 6th 2017
We hear the phrase "fart porn" all the time.  Some people consider girls farting as fart porn.  Not me... girls farting is girls farting in my book.. now THIS video is fart porn!  Tabitha Gass slobbering all over her mans dick and balls and releasing LONG MOANING FARTS as she rides his cock.  now THAT is what I would call REAL LIFE FART PORN.  This video is a MUST SEE!

OCTOBER 28th 2017
 These farts are so EXPLOSIVE after all that farting Natalia was left with BIG BROWN STREAKS AND STAINS in her thong!On a brighter note that booty was looking BIG, ROUND AND AMAZING!   Another classic clip from Natalia Amorr.

OCTOBER 20th 2017
 Natalia is well known for her LONG BUBBLEY farts and as you can see she is definitely one of the BOOTY QUEENS of this fetish.  This is a pretty simple concept.  She is laying on the bed farting pretending you are there behind her sniffing them!  If you like big booty and big bassy farts then you will LOVE this clip!

OCTOBER 13th 2017
I must admit... I am not a "mature" type of guy.  Early twenties, Early thirties is as far as I go BUT there is just something about Natalia Amor!  She is SO SEXY!  The THICK CURVY BODY.. the HUGE BALLOON BOOBS and BIG ROUND ASS!  and she has a super BEAUTIFUL FACE!  Sexy voice too!  In this one you are to imagine yourself laying behind her, kissing eating and sniffing her ass as she lets out 10 SECOND CASSEROLE FARTS in your nose and mouth!  Yes casserole...  because that is what women her age eat.  Brocculi casserole with brocculi, onionz and hashbrowns.. plus LOADED with cheese!  These farts are so LONG, BUBBLEY AND WATERY I can only imagine having them blown in my face!  what a waste!

OCTOBER 5th 2017
In this scenario imagine you are eating out Natalia's
asshole while she is letting out WET, BLUBBERY
farts right in your mouth.  As a matter of fact these
farts got so DISGUSTING that she ended this clip
by DROPPING A LOAD on the toilet!  Time to
get out the toothbrush and mouth wash!

SEPTEMBER 26th 2017
Natalia Amorr is back!  In this one she is letting out
LONG BUBBLY GAS on the man laying next to her
in bed!  It was a "casual encounter" and Natalia
is angry that the guy spent the night.. so she decided
to FART HIM OUT OF THE BED!  She was farting
a LOT.. back to back like a crazy woman and
her FACIAL EXPRESSION are probably my
favorite part about this video... SO SEXY!

SEPTEMBER 18th 2017
Tabitha has bad ROTTEN EGG FARTS!  She ate some
tuna salad loaded with eggs and it has her FARTIN' UP A STORM!
Her farts smell so EGGY that she could not wait until her man
got home so she could fart on his nose and mouth.  She was
SO EXCITED to face fart him she even practiced just how she
was going to do it when she got home!

SEPTEMBER 11th 2017
Both of  them keep complaining that her POWERFUL
farts smell like STINKY DOG SHIT!  I actually know
that fart smell!  It is one of my favs along with
brocculi, and spoiled milk.. at any rate these
farts are HUGE!  They sounded like they HURT
coming out and I can just imagine that DOG SHIT
smell  they keep talking about!  MAN.. this is a
HOT UPDATE!  Especially if you are a NASTY BOY!

SEPTEMBER 4th 2017
After a few more positions Tabitha's man
reaches the ULTIMATE CLIMAX and she is ripping
SUPER HUGE farts the whole time!  A MUST SEE!

AUGUST 27th 2017
as she sucks her mans cock and RIDES
THE FUCK outta his dick!  And these farts
AUGUST 19th 2017
She is just teasing you in this one.  You want that
Mature Big Booty don't you?!  Ms Parkers farts are
SO POWERFUL that she moves the fabric on a
summer dress when it is TIGHT!  As you can see
she does not need it to be loose to move the fabric!
of farts sounds you will hear in this video will make
you feel like you have just arrived at SKULL ISLAND!

AUGUST 11th 2017
YES!  She is back with the LONGEST, BUBBLIEST
NO BODY farts like Ms. Parker she is in a league of her own!
Watch her fart in sexy skirts and BLOW YOUR WIG BACK

Tabitha has had the WORST GAS EVER all week long!
She is smelling up her whole place so she needs a favor.
She wants you to come on over and stick your nose
in between those MEATY CHEEKS and help sniff up
some of that BAD GAS  so she does not have to smell
it all over her house!  Any Takers?  These farts were
LONG, BUBBLEY AND WET.. so you better be prepared!

JULY 26TH 2017
Tabitha's farts actually SOUND like they stink and
in this clip she tells you EXACTLY what they smell
like so you don't have to sit and wonder about it.
CHILI DOGS and CABBAGE!  This week she has had
CRAZY BAD GAS and in her words her farts are so
RAUNCHY that she is "smelling up her whole house!"

JULY 18th 2017
Sometimes you can just tell a fart is smelly by
the way it sounded when it came out.  I love
Tabitha because her farts just SOUND stinky!
They are always deep and sound like that gas is
coming from WAY deep inside her body!  Plus
she has such a HUGE ass and cute personality
I would love to smell these bad boys!
JULY 10th 2017
If I am being honest I am not really a "milf" type
of guy.  I will take 21 over 31 all day long!... BUT...
Natalia is so BEAUTIFUL and CURVY and just
HOT overall .. MAN.. there is just something about her!
She told me she gets some of her best gas in the morning..
so here are some MONSTER MORNING FARTS!  and MONSTER
is right.. these were some HUGE CHEEK FLAPPERS!  and as
you can see by the preview pics SHE SHARTED!  I hope you
like SHARTS because this one is a SHARTER!

JULY 3RD 2017
Natalia is another BIG, BUBBLY fart girl!  And when
she puts on jeans they sound even BETTER!  Such
a pretty face such a round booty and you will love
the poses she does and they way her farts are
so RUMBLY!  These are BOOMBASTIC jean farts
with some "fetishy" sexy talk to go along with them!

JUNE 26th 2017
Right now I am LOVIN' me some Veronica Steam!
She is just my style!  Big ass and BIG, BUBBLEY farts!
In this clip she is in Leggings farting but the clip is
highlighted when she puts on the BLACK LEATHER PANTS!
Those pants took her farts to that BRITTNEY MOORE/EVE TABOO
level!  LONG DEEP AND RUMBLY!  Plus the BIG ROUND ASS helps
to showcase once again that Black IS Beautiful!

JUNE 19th 2017
For some reason I have always been attracted
to girls with pale skin color.  That's is why I love
my Debbie Deb!  Veronica definitely has gorgeous
Ivory skin as well!  BIG WHITE BOOTY.. those are
3 words that always sound good don't they?!  Add
in some HUGE, LONG, WET FARTS and you have
an amazing fart video on your hands!  With nice
"fetishy" style teasing.. ENJOY booty and fart lovers!

JUNE 12th 2017
This is a simple one.  Veronica knows you love getting
face farted so she is ready to "hook you up"  she also
knows you love BIG BUTTS so she is going to put that
BIG OL BOOTY right on your nose and rip RUMBLY FARTS
over and over again in jeans and panties!  And when I
say RUMBLY I mean RUMBLY... as you know, SHE CAN FART!
Get ready to get your face STEAM CLEANED!
JUNE 5th 2017
While he was napping Tabitha is preparing a fart FEAST
for her friend!  As an appetizer she has woken him up to
ROTTEN BROCCULI right up into his nose, then some
SPOILED MILK from some icecream she had earlier
He was so happy with those "starters" that he woke
up in a great mood to greet her with kisses before DINNER!
Dinner was a WHOLE LOT OF ASS!  She continued to blow
PRE POOP FART after PRE POOP FART into his nose and
mouth and he was EATING IT ALL!  She REALLY HAD TO SHIT
so the PRE POOP FARTS just kept coming... he had a BIG DINNER!
I have heard a lot of good things about that restaurant!  I wanna go now!

MAY 29th 2017
Watch Sexy Tabitha blow out LONG DEEP HUMMERS
under the covers that are really SMELLY!  She tries
really hard to describe the smell to her man...
"Kinda smells like Rotten Onion or Rotten Vegetables"
then she takes a really deep sniff and realizes the true smell
"Smells like a TURD, I got a NOSE FULL OF POOP"
Sounded so good her man had to get in there and get
a sniff for himself!  Watch him worship her HUGE ASS
as she rips PRE POOP FARTS right up his nose!!

MAY 22nd 2017

Ms Parker is already one of the top 2 or 3 BEST FARTERS
on earth, so you can only imagine HOW FUCKING BIG these
farts were during a 3 day span where she COULD NOT STOP FARTING!
The steaks she made for friends... the beef stew... the broculli
salad... SOMETHING or some combination of what she was
been eating has given her the WORST...GAS....EVER!

MAY 15th 2017
(This is a POV video set to YOU the viewer)

You have been on the road and your honey Tabitha misses
you so she made a cute sexy fart video for you!  She is so
cute in this one.. she is a little "tipsy" and she professes
her love to you, and how much she misses you and can't
wait for you to come back home!  She farts MANY times!
Good ones too! and she describes the smell and how she
wishes you were home to smell them too!  Don't worry
Tabitha Gass.. daddy is coming home REAL SOON!
She is very good at these types of videos.. very natural.. you will LIKE!

MAY 7th 2017
That's right NEW MODEL Natalia Amor comes right outta the gate
with an EXPLOSIVE shart video!  These farts were LONG,  WATERY
MESSY AND BUBBLEY!  She had to WIPE HER ASS several times
as she twisted and girated trying to get all that gas out!  This girl
got CURVES.. nice tits.. HUGE ASS... and BEAUTIFUL FACE!  This
 chick is a WILD one.. but I like them WILD!.. this clip.. ISSA MUST SEE!!!!!

APRIL 30th 2017
HOLY SHIT!  Everyone knows how good of a farter Miss Parker is
so just imagine HOW GOOD her first full JEAN FART clip has to be!
Actually to call these BOMBS "farts" seems disrespectful!  They were
SO LONG and SO DEEP and so SUPER BUBBLEY these were not just
jean farts these bad boys were BLUE JEAN MISSLES!!!!!

APRIL 23rd 2017
If you are having some trouble sleeping just have your
girlfriend rip a LONG, DRAWN OUT MOOSE FART under
the covers and the smell will put you right to sleep!  OMG
I LOVE the way these farts sound.. so DEEP and long under
those covers.. you just KNOW they STUNK!  And I love Tabitha's
personality.. HIM- "whoa that was a stinky one" HER- "shhh, shhh
be quiet, I know you like it"  She has the best personality in these
clips.. so natural which is a bit rare.. makes her clips WONDERFUL!
My favorite kinda clip.. sounded like a TUBA SOLO under those covers!

APRIL 16th 2017
Mrs. Parkers clips are really straight forward.
YOU EVER HEARD IN YOUR LIFE!  In this one she is
wearing my favorite... LONG SUMMER DRESSES!  I love
the way the fabric hugs her thick huge ass and I love the
DEEP GUSTY sound of her farts!  Question for you.....
How much would you pay to SNIFF THAT FABRIC?!

APRIL 9th 2017
Tabitha Gass is not just coming into the FART game to be another
"status quo" model.  She is trying to TAKE OVER the world of girl farts!
In this clip she gives her friend an OUT OF THIS WORLD blowjob while
you have GOT TO SEE THIS CLIP!  This girl is playing NO GAMES!  She is
SO GOOD in every way and she wants to be THE BEST.. she is on her way!!!

APRIL 1ST 2017
Twerk that thang Miss Parkahh!  I had know idea
she could move like that and she is ripping some
of the LONGEST, GUSTY farts I ever heard while doing it!
Yep bouncin' dat ass ain't just for the teeny boppers!  Miss.
Parker is here to represent for all the MILFS around the world!

MARCH 24th 2017
Tabitha has been Vacationing for the last week and you know
what that means.  A lot of BIG DINNERS and a lot of JUNK FOOD!
And all that really equates to is A WEEKS WORTH OF BAD GAS!
She recorded EVERYTHING for us over this last week and that includes
Bed farts, car farts, PUBLIC FARTS, farts while getting ready, farts
while relaxing, farts outside the restaurant! She gave us ALL OF IT!

MARCH 17th 2017
I LOVE HER ATTITUDE!  She just lays there laying these
HUMONGOUS farts under the covers.. KNOWING her friend
is right behind her!  She don't give a fuck!  And you can tell by
they way they sound they STUNK!  She even lifts up the covers
so she can "enjoy" her own FUNK!  He is complaining about how
bad they smell but she is not listening.. AT ALL!   She is just laying
fart after HUGE LONG fart with the attitude... "your welcome"

MARCH 10th 2017
practicing the TUBA?!  Is that a TROMBONE?
Did somebody run over a CAT?  What's that MOANING?
Is someone hurt?!  HOLY SHIT when you watch this video
you will hear the most amazing fart sounds EVER!  You will
spend the ENTIRE TIME trying to figure out WHAT in the actual FUCK?!?!

MARCH 2ND 2017
Ms Parkers farts are so ABSOLUTELY GINORMOUS
if you close your eyes you would swear that you are
watching a MONSTER MOVIE!  GodZilla VS King Kong
The Fog.... Aliens.... When Angry Elephants attack!
You name it.. you will hear it.. and YES... only 2
videos in and she's the GREATEST FARTER OF ALL!

February 25th 2017
What if I told you that the greatest female farter ever
has not even been seen..... YET.   I am proud to bring
you Miss Parker!  You ever been hanging out with your
buddy and his mom walks in the room and you are thinking
to yourself (mom's kinda sexy) Well that's Miss Parker!  Nice
thick shapely figure... HUGE ass and GINORMOUS FARTS!
Ana Didivic, Debbie Disturrbed and Miss Parker!  Mark my
words, those 3 will go down as the 3 greatest farters ever!
Meet our newest Member to the C World Family!
YOU... GOTTA... SEEE.... THIS!!!  "Haaay Ms. Parkahh!"

February 23rd 2017
Was it Subway? was it the pizza from last night?
Maybe it was the icecream?  Tabitha's man is trying
to figure out WHAT IN THE HELL did she eat to make
her farts so POWERFUL and SMELLY?  Farts in tight
jeans, farts in leggings, face farts in sexy panties..
She gave him the whole SHA BANG in this face fart
extravaganza!  And you can just tell they really STUNK!

February 17th 2017
What is the point of having DEEP TUBA FARTS
if you cannot blow them in someones face!  Tab
got tired of wasting her RAUNCHY GASS so she
made her bf get down on his knees and take one
for the team!  These farts were so BUBBLEY AND
WET I am sure he got some "splatter" all over his
face!  He has a new knick name... SHIT HEAD!

February 14th 2017
You will love the way Tabithas farts sound!
In this update I think there was a TUBA in her ass!
So DEEP, LOW AND BUBBLY!! they just have that
sound where you KNOW they stink!  She is a MEAT
and POTATOES gal and she says it is usually a very
INTENSE sulphur odor to her farts or in her words
"strong smelling farts".  She is new but she really
knows just what to say in these videos.. a MUST SEE!

February 10th 2017
Tabitha is a party girl!  She loves to have a good time
which means a lot of drinking and her drink of choice
BEER.  A lot of beer means a lot of gas... STINKY gas!
So she had her roommate film her every time she
let one rip!  Well she let a LOT of them rip and she
showed off that BIG OL BOOTY the whole time!

February 7th 2017
This is a simple candid one.. Tabitha asked her roomate to film
her everytime she farts.. doggystyle was the position of choice!
These were some LONG BUBBLERS and some were VERY WET!
"Hurry hurry I gotta fart, I can't hold it.. hurry"  "Ohh... you would
love that way that one smells.. I like they way my farts smell"  
"Wouldn't you love to put your face in my butt?"  LOVE her voice!

February 4th 2017
There is just something about Tabitha.  I love the way
she speaks in her videos, reminds me of the legendary Ally.
"You like that booty, don't you?"  "You like it when I fart in your face?"
"Ewww, that was a stinky one.. I know you like the way that one smells"
Yea.. they all say it.. I understand that but there is just something about
the way SHE says it!  Makes it feel like she is doing it just for YOU!

February 2nd 2017
There was just something about MandaBear Smash.  Sometimes
models come along and for some reason you are just drawn to
them and their content.  The very first Ally Fetishes was one...
MBS was another one... It's not about their looks, their face,
their body.. none of that.. but for just some reason you are CRAZY
for their content!  Tabitha Gass is like that for me.  I don't know if it
is the unique way her farts sound... or just the realization that she
is just a "regular girl" being naughty.  Both Ally and MBS had those
qualities and Tabitha Reminds me a lot of those two!